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Violent Loss Network – May 1, 2016

Originally posted on Survivors of Violent Loss:
Violent Loss Newsletter, May 1, 2016 News you can use … (scroll down to see all) Contents will vary somewhat month to month. As we close out this month, our contents include: Resource…

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NCVC Follow Up – Your comments and Questions answered.

Originally posted on Survivors of Violent Loss:
         NCVC-2015 Follow-up Thanks to so many of you for the support and encouragement we received on the work we are doing to help Survivors of Homicide and thanks to all of you…

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‘Murder Survivor’s Handbook’ Author Connie Saindon to Speak at POMC Conference, NCVC Training Institute

Connie Saindon, author of “Murder Survivor’s Handbook,” will make presentations at the annual conferences of Parents of Murdered Children, and the National Center for Victims of Crime. She will discuss “Grief and Resiliency,” “Dealing with the Media,” and “Expanding Resources … Continue reading

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Congratulations Connie Saindon and Wigeon Publishing on your IBPA Gold Award . . . Murder Survivor’s Handbook: Real-Life Stories, Tips & Resources has received a prestigious Gold Award in the 2015 Benjamin Franklin book awards competition sponsored by the Independent … Continue reading

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Thank You, Ann Rule, for Dissing Me 4 Years Ago

Today marks the fourth anniversary of true-crime writer Ann Rule’s lawyer dismissing as “de minimis” my objections to the numerous errors in Rule’s account of my parents’ deaths aboard their sailboat Spellbound. Never mind that a number of these critical … Continue reading

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Malaysian Air News Coverage: Stop the Circus, Give Families Dignity, Privacy

MSNBC and a couple of its news anchors deserve a hearty thank you for bringing some sense and perspective to the news coverage of Malaysian Air’s missing flight MH730. As does, Meghan Daum, who commented on it in her column, … Continue reading

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February 24 Marks 36th Anniversary of Deaths Aboard Sailboat

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the deaths of my parents, Loren and Jody Edwards, aboard their sailboat Spellbound in French Polynesia. The mystery of their deaths remains unresolved. As many of you know, I had originally intended to launch … Continue reading

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Survivors of Violent Loss Honor Loved Ones, Sandy Hook Victims

Today, I attended and spoke at the Survivors of Violent Loss Holiday Memorial in San Diego. This event is always a bittersweet gathering, because the people in attendance have all lost a loved one—child, parent, sibling, niece/nephew, or dear friend—to … Continue reading

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Book News, Seattle Recap, River of Remembrance, Bookstore Events

Summary of the Book Update posted today on the Dare I Call It Murder? website: Incredible: The San Diego Union-Tribune features me and my book on the front page of today’s newspaper: “The lasting pain of murder’s ‘living victims’.” (Right … Continue reading

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Book Update: Dare I Call It Murder? #2: Amazon’s Hot New Releases

Two weeks since the release of my book, Dare I Call It Murder?: A Memoir of Violent Loss, and I want to thank you all for the tremendous support you’ve shown, from your well wishes, to kind words, to purchasing … Continue reading

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