Violent Loss Network – May 1, 2016

Useful information in the latest Violent Loss Newsletter from Connie Saindon and the Violent Loss Network . . .

Survivors of Violent Loss

Violent Loss Newsletter, May 1, 2016

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Contents will vary somewhat month to month. As we close out this month, our contents include:

  • Resource of the Month—VACC: Victim Assistance Coordinating Council.
  • Topic of the Month: The Early Response
  • Question of the Month: How did you find out about your loved one’s death?     Tips?
  • News: Meet MSH Team Eleven-Plus          
  • Book Resource:All the Wrong Places: A Life Lost and Found by Philip Connors, author of Fire Season

celeste web


Celeste Hunter received the Victim Advocate Award at the Annual Candlelight Tribute held during National Crime Victims Week by the VICTIM ASSISTANCE COORDINATINGCOUNCIL. VACC  is a San Diego-based nonprofit umbrella organization composed of crime victims and a broad presentation of service providers vitally involved in various aspects of crime victim assistance. Its website is designed to provide…

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Question of the Week: April 18-24, 2016

Civil War: an “Irrepressible Conflict” or product of “Blundering Generation”?

Emerging Civil War


For this week’s Question of the Week, Phill Greenwalt asks: Do you think the Civil War was an “Irrepressible Conflict” or the product of “a Blundering Generation”?

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Pay Them Gratitude and Respect: Remembering the Civil War’s Prisoners of War

The Gettysburg Compiler

By Elizabeth Smith ’17

On Friday, April 8, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation in which he designated April 9 as National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day. “We salute the selfless service members throughout our history who gave their own liberty to ensure ours,” the president declared, “and we renew our commitment to remaining a Nation worthy of their extraordinary sacrifices.”

10448786_800669723279245_4262014867699204442_n A very small part of the National Cemetery located on site at Andersonville National Historic Site. Photo taken by author. For the American Civil War, the prisoner of war story is often summed up in one word: Andersonville. The mythos surrounding this infamous prison site has, for many, become the determining factor to understanding the Civil War prisoner-of-war story, but the story is far more complex than one place. At the beginning of the war, a prisoner exchange system had to be set up in order to exchange…

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Slinging Insults in the Confederate State House

You think politics is uncivil today? Take a look back:

Emerging Civil War

Judah Benjamin Judah Benjamin            (photo courtesy wikipedia)

Things got testy in the U. S. Congress in the years before the war. Most of us know about  Preston Brooks caning Charles Sumner in the Senate chamber. Maybe less known is when South Carolina Representative Lawrence Keitt called Galusha Grow of Pennsylvania a “Black Republican puppy.” Grow knocked Keitt down, and a free-for-all erupted on the House floor.

Which brings up the subject of political insults. My favorite comes from an account from Burton Hendrick, Statesmen of the Lost Cause (1939), about Judah P. Benjamin.

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6 Hard Truths Every Writer Should Accept

I couldn’t have said this much better myself, so I am passing this along . . .

There are a few hard truths I feel every writer should accept. The sooner you accept them, the sooner you’ll stop obsessing about them and the sooner you can do the work to get yourself published.

Read the entire article here . . .

6 Hard Truths Every Writer Should Accept


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Civil War Generals’ Sex Quiz

See how much you really know about the Civil War . . .

Emerging Civil War

Here’s a little April 1st tomfoolery for you. Prepare to get sassy with your morning coffee: the Civil War Generals’ Sex Quiz: 

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Dealing with the News Media

Survivors of Violent Loss

Violent Loss Resources Newsletter

April 1, 2016 (No fooling!)

News you can use


Dealing with the News Media/Social Media
Resource of the Month—VSS
“The Journey” Is a Finalist in IBPA Book Awards
Question of the Month—”Latest News” Triggers/Alerts
Candlelight Vigil Update

Topic of the Month: Dealing with the News Media

This is an important topic and one which few are prepared for. Here  is an excerpt from Murder Survivor’s Handbook: Real-Life Stories, Tips & Resources:

We can’t choose to not have this horrible thing happen to us. . . . But we can choose how we react to it. Please respect our need to be alone and . . . have that personal time to continue on our journey of grief in the way that serves us.

—First Selectman Pat Llodra, Newtown, Connecticut, Dec. 9, 2013

Where to Begin?webMurder_Survivor-front-cover-sticker-2500web
It would be a mistake to…

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