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I Know Nothing About Writing

I have been a working journalist for 30 years, I have served as a newspaper and magazine editor, and I am an author, book editor and publisher. I’ve won a number of awards for my writing and editing, and I … Continue reading

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February 24 Marks 36th Anniversary of Deaths Aboard Sailboat

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the deaths of my parents, Loren and Jody Edwards, aboard their sailboat Spellbound in French Polynesia. The mystery of their deaths remains unresolved. As many of you know, I had originally intended to launch … Continue reading

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Olympics 2014: Norway Big Winner at Sochi

I don’t know about you, but I find it curious how the news agencies always focus on the total medal counts at the Olympic Games, and Sochi is no different. Russia and the U.S., as expected, won the most medals, … Continue reading

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Malcom Gladwell: Required Reading for Everyone?

In January, a federal judge in Portland, Oregon, ordered an eco-terrorist to read Malcom Gladwell’s latest book, David and Goliath, while in prison to learn about non-violent protest. All of Gladwell’s books should be required reading—for everyone. His accounts of … Continue reading

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Genealogy: Laughs, Sadness, and a Few Skeletons

The opening scene (as I recall) of the movie How the West Was Won  depicts a farmer standing at a well, reeling in a rope. A bucket emerges from the well, and the man snorts in disgust when he sees … Continue reading

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‘Dare I Call It Murder?’ in Good Company

Dare I Call It Murder?: A Memoir of Violent Loss hanging out with good company today on Amazon’s top-rated biographies & memoirs list: Beatrix Potter Norman Mailer J.R.R. Tolkien C.S. Lewis Ernest Hemingway Charles Dickens Who’d a thunk it? (click … Continue reading

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“Better” History? How About “Revisionist” History?

Nicholas Meyer goes on the offensive (in both senses of the term) in a cynical attempt to ward off critics who may claim his forthcoming mini-series about Harry Houdini (Jewish Hungarian immigrant Ehrich Weiss) plays fast and loose with the … Continue reading

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‘Nebraska’ screenplay delivers poignant prairie ride

“Nebraska,” the movie: Hurray for director Alexander Payne, actors Bruce Dern, June Squibb and Will Forte, and especially screenwriter Bob Nelson. (And let’s not forget musician/composer Mark Orton.) Nelson’s story depicts a slice of American pie with a sideways view … Continue reading

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Author Reception at San Diego Public Library — Good Fun!

Good fun at the reception for San Diego Public Library’s 48th Annual Local Author Exhibit last night at the brand-spanking-new Central Library on Park Avenue. Truly a remarkable monument to learning and literature, and a delightful place to hang out. … Continue reading

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