Praise for Murder Survivor’s Handbook

Nice words for Murder Survivor’s Handbook: Real-Life Stories, Tips & Resources . . .

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Survivors of Violent Loss

Murder Survivor's Handbook: Real-life Stories, Tips & Resources

“Words are woefully insufficient to convey the extraordinary value of “Murder Survivor’s Handbook.”  Written for survivors, but exceptionally useful for the professionals and friends who want to assist them, this book is unparallelled in its information about and guidance through the unique experience of traumatic bereavement following a loved one’s murder.  Its focus ranges from the pragmatic (e.g., how to stay safe, what to include in a courtroom survival kit) to the emotional (e.g., tending to your grief, remembering).  Saindon’s “survivor tips” are worth their weight in gold, and make this superb resource a virtual roadmap for all who find themselves navigating the treacherous waters of life after murder.  Clearly written and easy to digest, this book is jam-packed with essential information and, without qualification, is now the go-to book for all homicide survivors and caregivers of all types who help them.  I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

–Therese A…

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Larry M Edwards is an award-winning investigative journalist, author, editor and publishing consultant. He is the author of three books, and has edited dozens of nonfiction and fiction book manuscripts. Under Wigeon Publishing, he has produced six books. As author, "Dare I Call It Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss" won First Place in the San Diego Book Awards in 2012 (unpublished memoir) and 2014, Best Published Memoir. The book has also been nominated for a number of awards, including: Pulitzer Prize, Benjamin Franklin Award, Washington State Book Award, and One Book, One San Diego. As Editor, "Murder Survivor’s Handbook: Real-Life Stories, Tips & Resources" won the Gold Award in the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, Self-Help. For a sample edit and cost estimate, contact Larry: larry [at] larryedwards [dot] com -- -- --
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